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Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap is a soccer betting platform that has gained significant popularity in Asia. The term handicap means getting a virtual head start and is providing efficient services in the right amount before the start of games. The designing of the Asian handicap is for the elimination of the possibility of drawing the soccer match by predicting the possible outcomes.

Asian handicap is an amazing betting market that is especially specialized for football traders. Just like other bet exchanges, the Asian handicap is also complex but focusing on understanding its working, a lot of benefits can be enjoyed.

Origin of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap bet exchange was mainly initiated in Indonesia, as Indonesia is an Asian country, so term Asia was added to its name. In Indonesia, it is also known as hang cheng betting. This term was being used there for a long time until an English journalist named it as Asian Handicap betting.

Top Games in Asian Handicap Betting

Sports are always showing up some of the equally fascinating contests. But in the biggest and most famous sports, such as tennis, NFL, and football there are many superior and inferior components. When this is happening the odds on the favorite are winning sometimes and there is no potential to come back to the risky work. Asian handicap is created by the bookmakers for providing balance to the uneven matching up and allowing the punters to roughly follow the betting model.

It is a straightforward fact that football is the best sport to go for the betting exchange by using the Asian handicap platform. This is due to the reason that drawing is likely to be an outcome, a majority of fans are interested to cover the results in the best possible way.

Other sports such as rugby and cricket are also having good options for draws, but these events are happening rarely, so it is not a hot topic in the Asian handicap. Netball and basketball sports are witnessing larger total points so these are also strongly catering for the Asian betting markets.

Symbols for Games in Asian Handicap

In the Asian handicap betting services, a minus sign is assigned to the favorite team that is the biggest disadvantage of using the Asian handicap. While a plus symbol is used for the team that is undergoing and it is a significant advantage in the Asian handicap betting.

Benefits of Using Asian Handicap

For the traditional fixing of the odds, the draw is being treated as an actual possible outcome in the sports events. While these odds are traditionally fixed, and if you bet on a team for winning and the game is coming to draw, you may lose the bet. However, there will be no tie games or withdraws as the Asian handicap is forced for the production of winners. In this way, a team is having around 50% chances to win and so bettors will also be having the same chances. https://brokerstorm.com/ is offering wonderful services along with the safety and security of bettors.

Working of Asian Handicap

The undergoing have to start a game by using a fraction goal, or point. Say, for example, Ispwich Town FC and Real Madrid are playing against each other and a handicap of 0.5 goals is given to the Isopwich Town FC. In this match the starting score for real Madrid will be equal to zero and 0.5 will be given to the Ipswich Town FC. Now, if 2 goals are scored by the Real Madrid in the entire game and opponent is also scoring 2 goals, then resultantly there will be a draw. But seeing the fact that Real Madrid started at 0.5, so the final score of this team will be 2.5 while the other team is still at score 2. As a result, the undergoing team will be declared as the winner.

Asian handicap bet exchange is an excellent service as depending on the situation your favorite team may be in the winning position. When the accumulator services are used then possibly there are fewer outcomes that significantly lead to an increase in the winning chances.


Asian handicap betting is offering wonderful services for bet exchange and bettors can greatly enjoy this platform. However, working is somehow different from other platforms. https://brokerstorm.com/ is an amazing platform that is providing all details, information, and knowledge about using bet exchange services in Asian Handicap.