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Asian Bookies and Asian Handicap

As we have discussed in our previous articles, Asian bookmakers have managed to establish themselves over the years as a reliable choice for all players around the world, and not just as an alternative to European and American bookmakers. Asian bookies offer their players deposit bonuses and far bigger overall media presence. And this is what renders them an ideal choice for high stake and professional players.

Apart from the fast and free payouts, the lower margins, the higher limits, the easier verification and the tendency to anonymity, and the tolerability towards winning players and high stakes, another huge perk of these brands is the Asian Handicaps. With this system that Asian bookmakers are focused and specialized on, they offer huge betting options with the lowest margins.

At this point, we believe we have to give credit to the bookmakers who have the best Asian handicap coverage, for they are offering Asian handicap punters a great service and a great opportunity to profit if they get to know the best Asian handicap tips and really understand what an Asian handicap bet is and what they need to look out for in order to pick the best Asian handicap bets.


For those who wish to bet with significant stakes, their search ends in this spot. Offering guaranteed high limits, Pinnacle is a bookmaker made for the professional player. Everything there is A+ class.


Having a welcome bonus of $200 on the first deposit, as well as a large bet limit, Sbobet offers many Asian Handicap options with the best odds. This Asian bookie has gained an exceptional reputation over the years, having won several awards and titles consecutively. It is one of the best Asian bookmakers around the world that operates in several countries and accepts different types of payments.


This is one of the best Asia bookmakers and an excellent choice for e-sports betting professionals, offering high sports betting odds, and fast and high cash payouts.  They give a welcome bonus of up to $30; however small, it is not a significant disadvantage considering their vast odds. 

188 BET

This is a very popular Asian bookmaker whose strong presence within Premier League and Championship clubs, added more reputation to its name. It offers high limits, large football betting offers, very early lines with great odds at Asian handicaps. Reliability is their strongest point, as well as great and continual customer service, flexibility in terms of different currencies acceptance and deposit/withdrawal methods. It is an ideal choice for mobile betting.


Despite being a new Asia bookmaker, Betwinner has had accelerated growth due to offering high odds on Asian handicap markets. They have an enticing welcome bonus of 100% and weekly promotions by reloading bonuses every Thursday. Betwinner accepts transactions with many fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.

So, now that we have discussed about the benefits enjoyed when betting with Asian bookmakers, especially when it comes to Asian Handicap, and after presented some of the cream of the Asian bookies, let’s explain what Asian Handicap is.

First of all, why is it called Asian Handicap?

In Asia the common term – coined by the Indonesian bookmaker Joe Phan – is “Hang Cheng betting”. So, in searching for a translation, the journalist Joseph Saumarez Smith coined Asian Handicap as the proper translated asian term.

Before we explain what the Asian Handicap is, it is important to first of all look at the possibilities of an outcome in betting. Understanding this will make it easier for you to understand the Asian Handicap.

In standard betting, the possibilities of each outcome are usually set at 33%.

The main advantage that the Asian Handicap will offer you is the elimination of the draw result. What the Asian Handicap does is offer the underdog in the game an early lead, long before kickoff time.

For instance, in a soccer game, one goal can completely alter the course of the bet either against you or in your favor.

There are a lot of Asian Handicap lines to familiarize with. We will discuss a few of them here.

  1. Asian Handicap 0:0 (Draw no bet)

In this Asian Handicap line, no advance is given to any team. In this one the rules are very simple.

Let’s take the soccer example again; Team A vs Team B

Team A vs Team B AH 0:0, the home odds are 1.90 and away odds are 1.95.

You bet $100 on Team A to win 0:0 Asian Handicap (AH) at 1.90 odds.

In order to get something, you need Team A to win.

Should they win, you will win $100 x 1.90 odds = $190.

If the game ends in a draw, you take you $100 back.

If Team A loses, then you lose your bet as well.

Some bookies use terms like Draw no bet or Level bet to offer this Asian Handicap line.

  1. Asian Handicap 0.25

In this line, the game begins 0-1/4. This means that the underdog team has an advance ¼ goal before the game begins.

Draw option is also limited.

This one is slightly complicated, so let’s use another example.

Team C vs Team D

Team C vs Team D AH -0:1/4 the home odds are 2.00, and away odds are 1.90.

If you place a bet on Team C to win the game, you will need Team C to win.

Should they win, you win $100 (the money you bet) x 2.00 + $200 and a handsome profit of $100.

If the game ends in a draw, you lose $50 and get $50 back.

If Team D wins, you lose your stake.

On the other hand, if you bet $100 on Team D to win +1/4 AH and they win, you get a $100×1.90 = $190 and a profit of $90.

If the game ends in a draw, you get $50 and win the other $50 at 1.90.

In this way, you win $50 as well as $95 and your profit is $45.

These examples show how the Asian Handicap works. There are also other Asian Handicap lines, such as the Asian Handicap 0.5, Asian Handicap 0.75 and the Asian Handicap 1, as well as a variety of alternative Asian Handicap lines.

Most people prefer the Asian Handicap to other forms of betting, because of the multi-level betting structure. There are a lot of possibilities to win using the Asian Handicap and if the rules seem difficult is only because you are not used to them. They get easier over time.

Keep up with our next article to find more about the best Asian Bookmakers!

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