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Value betting happens when you believe that a particular team or a player will make a better performance  than the odds  the bookmakers have set  and it means that you are betting contrary to the predictions of the bookmakers.

Bookies are not always correct  and often set their odds by estimating latest performance of the team ,public opinion and statistic information. Sometimes they do not estimate that a team which has not made a good appearance in the latest  games  will make a comeback effort. This is the chance for bettors to make a prediction exactly the right time when this team will make the good performance and comeback and  gain against  bookies predictions and odds.

The successful way to gain as much money as you can by betting contrary to  predictions of bookies  is to try to gather as much information as you can about the team or player you are betting for or against. The best time to start is at the begging of the season. You should see the performance of the teams or players at both official and friendly games, the condition of the players  which means if they have suffered from any injuries, if they are playing their last season in this team and other information so as to be aware of the whole conditions of both teams of the game. Taking care of all these issues, you should try to figure out when a particular team or player which is not valued from the bookies may peak.

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