Which is the best Cricket exchange?

You might not believe it but actually cricket and most specifically cricket betting has a huge fan base around the world, so the next most sensible choice would be the creation of a cricket betting exchange addressing to these punters. After all the cricket bettors are more than demanding and it will take a seriously strong and expertise cricket exchange to cover their needs. Betfair has made a significant start towards this direction, but to be honest, it would never be enough.


And since Betfair is not available everywhere on the planet, this double gap could only be filled by exchanges willing to understand what the needs of these bettors are. More events, more extra bets and of course, the best possible odds, for starters. Thankfully, betting on Betfair powered exchanges comes with even more benefits that the aforementioned and in the following lines we are going to analyze all those advantages and finally proclaim the best cricket exchange. Stick with us and we promise you that you are not going to regret it.


How to choose the correct Cricket betting exchange?

Let’s clarify first which are the features the cricket punters need from their cricket exchange. A wide variety of available events, more extra bets on every match than they could find on every typical exchange and bookmaker, huge odds and of course, the chance to pay the smallest fee on their winnings the possible. Since Betfair is out of discussion, because of the fact that the operator is not accessible from anywhere in the world our analysis will turn towards the Betfair powered operators, with two of them claiming the crown of the top cricket exchange. Of course they aren’t they only operators offering cricket betting.


We talk of course about OrbitX, which isn’t exactly a cricket exchange and 9wickets, which is a cricket first operator. Both of them have in common that they cater the cricket punters with a vast range of leagues and competitions, many extra bets and other features. The reason for standing out from the mass is because they have everything a punter wants from their exchange. But let’s see some of the most important factors separating a good cricket exchange from a mediocre and a bad one.




It’s not only about the Ashes and the World Cup, as your cricket exchange should bring to you all the major and minor matches and leagues. Lay your hands not only on the IPL, but also on the Australian league, on the T20, on the World Cup Series, the Tamil Nadu Premier League, the Big Bass League and more. OrbitX and 9Wickets let you place your bets on all the aforementioned and all the above.


Extra bets / Ante post bets


The expertise punters will expect from their cricket exchange to offer a wide range of extra bets, not only the classic ones, in the likes of Match Winner, Handicaps and Over/Under Market, but also some special ones like Innings Run, Players special bets, Team Bets, First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting and of course, you should expect that you are going to find a vast range of outright bets on every competition.


Great odds / High liquidity


Don’t take it for granted that you will get a huge payout from your cricket betting exchange, even on a betting exchange. The latter should come with a payout of at least 97% on the top rated events and not less than 95% on the minor leagues. Also you should make sure that the cricket events will have the proper liquidity, so you will never or rarely find yourself staying with an unmatched cricket bet.


Low commission on players’ winnings


That applies on every cricket betting exchange and on every exchange on general. The lowest the charged fee, the more the final winnings in your pocket. The Brokerstorm exclusive Winfair24 is the operator with the lowest commission, with a rate as low as 3%.


Accessible from everywhere


Make sure that your cricket betting exchange holds a license from a prestigious authority like Curacao’s, since that is going to give it the chance to accept players from all over the world, while you will have the chance to access the site without the usage of a VPN service.


The greatest thing for the cricket punters is that more than one of the best cricket betting exchange can be found on the top betting brokerage service in the world, Brokerstorm. The latter gives the punters the chance to handle 4 different exchanges and an Asian bookmaker through a single account and wallet; it comes with the quickest possible withdrawals (within a few minutes) and crypto transactions among others.


At the same time, it offers all the above mentioned features, while it welcomes the pro punters, the high rollers and the winners, without limiting or closing any accounts. Just register on Brokerstorm today and place your cricket bets with the best possible conditions.