Betting Exchange software by Brokerstorm, enables the use of a proven-successful platform without having to make a significant investment to create the technology and infrastructure including all the features required to implement a solid and stable betting exchange website with a loyal customer base and to constantly expand your business to new unexplored markets and opportunities.

Our Betting Exchange software ensures complete support for the Winfair24 API for reliable import of sports data combined with the market-leading exposure management tools. It also enables complete management of custom commission rates, allows to plan ongoing commission income and ensures comprehensive protection of all user data.

Advantages of our White label -Turnkey solution include:

  • The partner can choose the url / domain they require.
  • Possibility of taking position against players from 0% to 99%.
  • Ability to choose commission for players.
  • Provides easy region-specific design customizations.
  • Facilitates advanced financial management options for all markets and betting types.
  • Helps to attract additional liquidity and financing through a broad network of affiliates and agents.

Key Features:

  • Quick and cost-effective setup.
  • Customizable interfaces for regional localization.
  • Support of back/lay options and open bets.
  • Advanced commission settings.
  • Limit and liquidity management.
  • Hedging and exposure handling tools.
  • Advanced line management mechanisms.
  • Integration of custom 3rd party solutions and services.
  • Affiliate systems

Master Account

In case you require to set up a Master account with Winfair24 a 3,000 EUR minimum deposit is required (i.e. the 3,000 EUR will be credited in your Master account and you will be able to transfer these funds to your players accordingly)
We will offer you Master account with 2.7% commission (and 2.5% for turnover over 50k per month), only at winnings and you will be able to build up your commission from 2.7% onwards.
Also, we offer you the possibility of taking position against players up to 10%.

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