Bettors are always wondering about which is the best betting exchange. In this article, we will write down the 5 most known betting exchanges and their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, we will start with Betfair exchange and then continue with other alternatives.

Betfair is the most popular betting exchange.The advantage of Betfair betting exchange is that offers the most sports and markets and also has the best liquidity because of the large number of its members. As another advantage, we can write a variety of football and horse racing online markets. Finally, the API gives the opportunity of the growth of a plenty variety of betting programs.

Apart from its advantages they also exist the same disadvantages which we will mention beginning with the large amount of commission which is charged on winning bets of the customers and it rates between 2% to 5% and automatically makes Betfair an expensive exchange. Moreover, a small percentage of the most successful traders are charged a premium charge of around 20% of their earnings.

Matchbook is an alternative betting exchange in the market. It is famous for its low commission at just 1,5% and  “the significant pool of US sports liquidity available“. This includes NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. Although, in comparison to Betfair, it has far less markets and liquidity than Betfair. Finally, there is no API which means that a lot of products associated with the betting exchange are not available.

Betdaq is also another betting exchange. The benefits of Betdaq is that has large amount of liquidity on most markets. Also, it is one of the few betting exchanges who offer API LIKE Betfair and finally, it has no premium charges to high earning traders. On the other side,the commission that charges on winning markets is very high approximately 5%.Betdaq also has less liquidity and markets than Betfair.

Winfair24 exchange is one other very popular betting exchange. It is powered by Betfair which means that it offers the same markets, odds, and liquidity to Betfair. Winfair24 charges a lower commission than the most existing betting exchanges at just 3% on winning markets, which is a very attractive factor for bettors to choose it. Another benefit of winfair24 is that is not entitled to charge any kind of additional charges than commission, such as premium charges to high earning traders like Betfair. Moreover, it offers its customers the cash-out option for both desktop and mobile applications. One of the most valuable advantages is that customers are aware of the exact money they are allowed to bet before place it. In Addition, winfair24 exchange offers plenty of variety of markets such as football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, cricket, and a lot of others.
As a conclusion after estimating all the above factors, we should suggest as the best choice of betting exchange winfair24 exchange- https://brokerstorm.com/