Are alternatives equality good?​

The recent years appeared a lot of betting sites on the market which are alternatives of betfair. Most of them have the same basic features with betfair like markets, odds and liquidity. They offer mostly lower commission of betfair on bettors winnings. Also, they give the chance to bettors from all the countries to have access to these betfair alternatives sites including the countries that betfair as geoblocked like Portugal, Italy and many others.
Most of them offer betting exchanges. By mentioning betting exchange we mean a market in which bettors place bets on the result of different kind of events( sporting or social events).When you use betting exchange, you can place bets like the way a bookmaker does, in other words you behave like taking the role of a bookmaker. The options that give a betting exchange its customers are two. The first one, is to ‘back’ a result and the second one is to ‘lay’ it. When you back an event is like you buy it and on the other hand, when you ‘lay’ it is like you sell it. Let’s give an example to explain the two words back and lay. Let’s suppose, that we have Liverpool-Manchester City in English Premier League. When you believe that Liverpool will win the game, you should back Liverpool. Otherwise, if you believe that Liverpool will lose the game then you should lay it. Also, when you bet by using a betting exchange you can trade in real-time throughout the event. You can take advantage from cash out option and minimize you lose or lock your profit. The difference between a bookmaker and a betting exchange is that bookmakers gain money by offering less efficient odds and betting exchanges by charging a low commission on players winnings.