Brokerstorm +Oddstorm=390euros profit

In our  effort to constantly evolve and improve the services offered in order to  meet the needs of customers to the fullest we have entered into partnerships with the best gaming services providers. As Brokerstorm we are pleased to introduce you our new partner Oddstorm

OddStorm Products Review OddStorm is sports arbitrage betting software and is established in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria and it is currently the oldest arbitrage service on the market. During the years it has obtained the deserved reputation as the fastest odds scanning and delivery service from all arb software’s and a company that you could trust. If some other arbitrage services pretend to be faster than OddStorm, especially for InPlay, just ask them to provide a proof or convince by yourself that this is not true if you are willing to pay for a subscription in both to compare.

OddStorm Review – Speed

Why is OddStorm so proud of its speed and how is this in use for the arbers? There is a reason for pointing out this quality, as speed is everything in arbitrage betting. The arbitrage situations are thousands or millions but each of them has a different duration. Everybody knows that the way of making good money from arbing is placing InPlay arbs. There everything is so dynamic and odds are changing so fast that a good arbitrage situation could exist only for a few seconds. In order to place it, you can’t afford any delay – not even a second!

OddStorm is updating the odds instantly (each second for all bookmakers for InPlay and the Asian bookies for PreMatch and an average 1 minute for the rest bookies for PreMatch) while other arb services have a delay and this way, OddStorm’s customers could see and place the arbitrage before the users of its competitors even know for its existence! Moreover, having delayed odds for InPlay is leading to the confusion that the arb service has many arbs, but actually, almost all of them are non-existing, because the odds have changed already and the arb service just doesn’t know that yet. So it is important to point out that on first look, OddStorm could have fewer arbs if you compare it with others, but they are all real.

Nowadays arbing is so popular and thousands of people are competing with each other for the same arbs, so the rule for success is just one – the fastest arber wins! This is for the odds delivery and scanning speed of OddStorm.

OddStorm Navigation

Now let’s take a look to another aspect of the speed – the time spent to place the arb. OddStorm has unique navigation built in the Desktop App. When you choose an arbitrage, the magic starts – all the computers and virtual machines where you are logged in with your OddStorm account are being navigated automatically to the betting event page and the odd is selected automatically for each bookmaker! All you have to do is just enter the amount and click bet! Just as simple as that!

The bookmakers can’t see that you are using the navigation as it acts as a normal user, clicking step by step on the links to the endpoint. It is important to note that OddStorm provides two types of subscription – VIP and VIP PLUS. The only difference between the subscriptions is that only VIP PLUS subscribers have access to the navigation. You could watch the video below to see how easy we are winning 5.77 Euros for less than 10 seconds.

Bookmakers and sports

Currently, OddStorm supports only Soccer and more than 60 bookmakers, without counting the clones and mirrors.

OddStorm Arbs

OddStorm supports Live and PreMatch arbs along with negative arbs. The supported arb types are Surebets, Middles, Polish Middles and Back/Lay surebets. For logged out users there are free arbs up to 0.50% and their count is limited but are enough for training purposes. The rest of the arbs for logged out users are with hidden team and league names and the only way to get unlimited arbs up to 300% without hidden names is by purchasing VIP or VIP PLUS subscription.

OddStorm Pricing

As mentioned before there are two types of subscriptions: VIP and VIP PLUS. The only difference is that VIP PLUS provides access to the navigation. For both subscription types there is a huge variety of subscription duration to choose from, like daily, weekly, monthly, monthly recurring, half year and one year subscriptions. Daily subscriptions are for 24 hours from the moment of purchasing and are available only from Monday to Thursday.

As mentioned before all arbers are competitors and as the best time for arbing is during Friday-Sunday, we are protecting our regular arbers from those who want to subscribe only for the weekend and catch the good arbs for a low subscription price. The difference between monthly and monthly recurring is that for the recurring, your subscription will be renewed automatically after it expires.

You could cancel the recurring subscription at any time from your e-wallet profile. So far you could choose the subscription type (VIP or VIP PLUS), the duration and in addition you could also choose the arbs type to subscribe for: PreMatch, InPlay or Both.

OddStorm Markets

Asian Handicap

European Handicap





Goal/No goal

Cross Markets

Half Time

Full Time

Money Line

Filters, Settings and other functionalities

Here are some basic ones like:

filter for min/max % of the arbs

alarm for arbs above %

outcomes count

odds lower than

event settled in ours

minutes till break

event is on Half Time

current score is Draw

compact and standard view mode

sub outcomes count

min/max value for Middles and Polish Middles

default commission for exchanges

minimum liquidity

expandable tabs with different settings for each tab


There is Web App and Desktop App. Some of the functionalities like navigation, back/lay surebets, commissions and liquidity are available only on the Desktop App and that’s why we highly recommend you to download and use it.

There is also a Live chat where you could report problems. Please note that this chat is not for support purposes. If you have any questions, please send them to

OddStorm Review Conclusion

OddStorm is a professional tool that will help you beat the bookmakers and make sure profit no matter the result of the game. It is fast, convenient and easy for use. The support is available 24/7 and there is always someone to answer your questions on time. It is being used by thousands of people across more than 100 countries and it is their loyal partner in making money.Join OddStorm now and start earning money now!

Brokerstorm & OddStorm Partnership Special Offer- Win up to 390E

Brokerstorm gives you the unique opportunity to win up to 390E by subscribing to OddStorm for one month and redeem your benefit for an extra free month.

The steps you should follow are very simple. You only have to  register to OddStorm via within 30days from clicking on the link and that’s all. After registering, you must send an email to OddStorm from the email you used for the registration, include your Brokerstorm username and request the promotion. Your free month offer of up to 390E is waiting for you. You are ready to place your bets and Brokerstorm reminds you to pick the best bet, not necessarily the right bet!